Beginning Bodybuilding Tips

Have you finally decided it’s time to transform your body through weight lifting? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there are many different tips and strategies you can utilize to increase your chances of success. You don’t have to have any previous experience or expertise. These tips for the beginning bodybuilder will help you achieve your goals and get the body of your dreams.

1. Focus on Compound Exercises – Compound exercises are defined as those that require the use of more than one joint to perform. The squat, the bench press, the dead lift and the clean and press are all examples of compound exercises. Those four exercises are probably the most effective muscle builders of any others, and it’s no coincidence that they are all compound movements. Compound¬† Ostarine exercises incorporate more muscle groups at once, allowing you to target your largest muscles and to have them working together at once for maximum muscle growth.

2. Don’t Over-Train – It’s tempting for the beginning bodybuilder to want to get in the gym for a few hours every day of the week. But especially when you are just starting out this is going to lead to your muscles being overworked, which will slow down the growth process and could lead to injury. To start your program, don’t weight train more than 3 or 4 times a week and don’t train the same muscle group more than once a week.

3. Eat and Drink! – One of the most important tips for the beginning bodybuilder is that you have to eat and drink appropriately to match your hard work in the gym. Many gains are undone by not following up a workout with a dose of protein. Your body needs at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight when you are trying to gain muscle mass. Your body also needs to get a load of protein immediately after a workout, within 30-60 minutes to maximize growth and repair. You’ll also need to drink plenty of water throu