Football Managers – Improve Your Behaviours and Improve Your Players’ Performance

The job of football manager must be the toughest and most stressful management role on the planet. There is no hiding. Your results are immediate – once or even twice a week. Club Boards and fans want instant results. Poor performance is punished ruthlessly and in public. Humiliation is a constant companion.

Under this constant pressure one can understand why many managers rant and rave on the sidelines, on television, radio and in the press. However, they are unaware that their aggressive and insulting behaviour is damning their players to continued poor performance.

In today’s competitive world almost all football managers know that at Premier League level most players are equal as far as fitness and skills go. What makes the STAR, what makes the exceptional player is mental fitness. It is mental fitness that wins games.

So why do many managers behave in ways that damage their players’ mental fitness? Surely it can only be ignorance (in it’s true meaning) – because every manager wants success for his players and club.

So here are seven things a football manager must do to build his/her players’ mental fitness

1.Promise openly, right now, never to criticise any of your players in public. Not even if it’s justified. You’ll do your straight talking in private and if you decide to fire a player you’ll do it in the most decent way possible.

2.Tell your players that you like them, that you think they are ทางเข้า ufabet great players and that you know every one of them does the best he/she can in every game. You trust them.

3.Do whatever it takes to get fun and enjoyment back into the team. People cannot perform at their peak when they’re afraid, worried or unhappy. Make having fun your main objective. Work hard – yes! Win games – of course. But let’s not beat ourselves up when we make mistakes. Let’s get the fun back in our football and our lives.

4.Genuinely praise even the smallest improvement or the tiniest spark of brilliance and praise openly. Especially when things are going badly. Big fires start from small sparks. Really look for things to praise.