Tongkat Ali Tree Root Extract Is a Power Testosterone Booster With 7 Minutes Exercis

While testosterone plays a major role in whom and what we are as men, in fact the amount in our system is incredibly tiny. The normal average level of this most important androgenic hormone in a healthy man is about the size of a grain of salt and it is stored in our blood bound to proteins to protect it from being removed from our body by the normal filtering processes of the kidneys and liver. Of this tiny amount roughly the size of a grain of salt, only about 2 – 4 % of it is not bound by proteins such that it is free and available for immediate use to grow our muscle mass and to drive our activity level and sexuality.

So it is not only that testosterone has a powerful influence on our health and lives, given how tiny the amount of it we have in our body, and how small a percentage of it that is available for use at any time is Buy Testoprime Testosterone Booster truly remarkable and says a lot about how power this hormone is. Sadly our modern lifestyle does not help us to maintain a healthy level of essential hormones, simply because we don’t do the physical labor that men 80 – 100 years used to do, and as such our brain has only produced enough to sustain the low-level of activity we currently maintain.

But all is not lost. If we are prepared to do bursts of about 7 minutes of heavy lifting exercise such that our muscles burn from the exertion, then our brain will determine that we need more testosterone to cope with the stress. By adding a diet supplement like Tongkat Ali tree root extract that provides the essential compounds to aid our testicles to produce testosterone, then the brain will seek to produce a much higher level of testosterone.